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Intellectual Property

Protected intellectual assets, including intellectual property (IP), are essential for business success. In order to achieve their growth plans, businesses should have a strong IP portfolio. Companies build up their portfolio by applying for more copyrights, patents and trademarks. In addition, they are licensing and cross-licensing technology. In both cases, companies with a strong portfolio are generally in a better position to negotiate. But to maximize the value of their intellectual assets, companies must understand how they support enterprise business strategy, protect current or future product positions, provide competitive advantage, and add value through creative, nontraditional applications. Finally, the company's intellectual asset management strategy must be formulated with an understanding of the topography of the IP world, either by geography or type of industry.

CLAUDIO RIVERA P.A. is a firm focused on providing businesses and wealthy individuals with cost effective, quality services on their most important matters. Our raison d′être is to create superior results for our clients.  On each and every matter, we strive to thoroughly understand the results that our clients want to achieve and then collaborate with our clients to plan a course of action most likely to produce the desired results. 

Of course, many factors beyond our control impact the results ultimately achieved.  But, we are nevertheless passionate about helping our clients to achieve superior results in a cost effective manner.

Intellectual Property Protection & Commercialization

We purposely limit our practice to those areas where we are recognized as among the very best in the world.  When clients have needs beyond these four practice areas, we collaborate with leading law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, and investment banks.  In a world where client problems frequently require multi-disciplinary resources, we believe our global network of specialists is one of CLAUDO RIVERA P.A.'s  greatest assets.