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Intellectual Property

With Miami being the Gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, CLAUDIO RIVERA P.A. serves as a resource for lawyers needing to deal with matters in the southern hemisphere.  Our bilingual and culturally sensitive consultants, coupled with our network of pre-eminent law firms throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia make CLAUDIO RIVERA P.A. an important resource for major law firms across the world.

Intellectual Property Management provides clients with information regarding the protection and/or commercialization of a broad range of intellectual property, both domestically and internationally.  Some of our more common services include:

Trademark and copyright registrations worldwide;

Monitoring of trademark and copyright usage, and enforcement with respect to identified violations;

Trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secret litigation in Federal and State courts both in Florida and nationally;

U.S. Customs adversarial proceedings regarding the importation of branded products and other intellectual property issues arising in international trade;

Trademark and other intellectual property licensing agreements;

Advising on licensing, purchase, or sale transactions involving intellectual property; non-disclosure & trade secrets agreements in connection with corporate acquisitions, joint-venture relationships, and employment agreements.

Patent Applications worldwide.

The foundation of much of our Intellectual Property work is in connection with corporate branding activities designed to enhance enterprise value. For companies with extensive branding activity, we provide comprehensive intellectual property portfolio management services. A significant portion of CLAUDIO RIVERA LAW's Intellectual Property practice involves counseling franchisors with respect to the broad array of critical intellectual property issues impacting their business. One of the strengths of the practice is that the CLAUDIO RIVERA LAW has a world-wide network of IP lawyers, in place, to serve the needs of our global clients.