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We are a local  Miami law firm  focused  on  providing  affordable  solutions to our clients.  We offer CONSULTATIONS  on  all  matters and  have the experience  and  knowledge  to advise you on all aspects of your bankruptcy  case.  Please call anytime to  speak with  a  bankruptcy lawyer to see  how we  can help  you.   We  can  often  quote  you a fee  immediately when you call after just a few simple questions.   We   have   successfully   represented  clients  in  Chapter  7  &  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  Proceedings.

MOST  PEOPLE  STILL  QUALIFY  FOR  BANKRUPTCY! Many people  believe  that  the  recent  changes  in  the  law  have  eliminated  the  ability  to file Bankruptcy,  when  the  fact  of  the matter is that most people still qualify.

CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY is  an  affordable  solution to people  with  limited income or resources. It  can  eliminate  your  obligation  for  large  amounts of debt and, in many cases, you will not have to give up any of your property  to file.  This exempt property will generally include  furniture, clothing and other  basic items, investments in pension plans, an automobile  and  even equity in  your home.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is designed to give people  a  fresh start  when  they  are  struggling to keep current on bills and is a means to put  an immediate end to harrassing  phone calls, legal action and garnishment by creditors. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific situation and determine if  a  Chapter  7  Bankruptcy is  right  for  you.

CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY allows people  who  have  significant  income  or assets to restructure their debt in  a  way  that  will  allow them to pay back some or all of their liabilities in monthly installments over a set period of  time. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan can be worked out that will provide you with fixed payments for three or five years with no  more  interest or penalties.  This  can  be  used  to  either  eliminate some of your debt or to allow you to catch  up  when you are late on mortgage payments or  other secured loans. Chapter 13 is also an option for people who wish to pay back all of their debt, but who need a structured payment plan  to  do so. 

LOSS MITIGATION is a  new  bankruptcy  procedure  in  the Southern District of Florida that can assist homeowners who are struggling with  one or more mortgages on their home. The procedure basically  requires lenders to negotiate with individuals who have filed a Chapter 13  bankruptcy proceeding   and   attempt   to   reach  an  agreement  that  will  prevent  a foreclosure  on the home.  In situations where a foreclosure is inevitable, loss mitigation  can  also  reduce the cost and difficulty in surrendering a property and thereby reduce or eliminate any deficiency owed to the lender.  We have experience with these new Loss Mitigation  procedures  and  would  be  more than willing to explain how this process can potentially help you.